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Boschert / Punching Machines

Boschert MP Series CNC Punching Machine

For truly complex punching jobs, our Boschert MP Series Multipunch was designed to meet customer requests. Complete sheet processing is possible without operator intervention. Different die clearances can be used for various sheet thicknesses, allowing the MP Series machines to handle multiple repeating jobs in different materials.

• Automatic Tool Change in under 5 seconds

• 8-Position ATC carousel for single or multi-tools

• Open C-frame construction • 36 Ton capacity

• Working ranges to 60” x 120”

• Tool Sizes to 4” round

• RevoTool multitool solution available (up to 64 tools possible)

• Full Rotation to ram standard

• 800 strokes per minute punching

• Trumpf style tooling system

• Automatic repositioning standard 

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