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Boschert / Punching Machines

Boschert CNC Punch / Plasma Machine Combicut® Series

Do you seek a cost-effective alternative to combination punch/laser machines? With the Boschert Combi-Cut Series, even thin gauge metal can be cut with very high quality, thanks to this partnership between Boschert and plasma technology firm Kjellberg. Heavy-duty dual, C-frame construction allows for the working of oversized sheets. HyPerformance technology aligns and focuses the plasma arc, improving arc stability and energy for more powerful precision cutting.

• Single, Twin or Tri-head configurations

• Punching capacity of 36 or 50 Tons

• Throat Depths to 60”

• 60” - 120” X-axis

• Automatic Repositioning included

• Hypertherm® HPR130™ “HyPerformance” system

• Complex internal and external contours are easily processed with unsurpassed cut quality

• Available with Rotation and RevoTool (multi-tool) 

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