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Boschert CU WKII Model Hydraulic Copper Punching Machine

For efficient processing of copper and steel bars, the Boschert Cuwk Series offers a variety of benefits. Each machine can be equipped with five to eight tool stations and handle bars up to 20’ in length. Other features include a hydraulic clamp, operational drilling and tapping heads, a tool cassette for quick changes, and 36 / 50 Ton punching capacity.


  • Hydraulic clamping of part ensures exact part positioning prior to punching
  • Optional Drilling & Tapping heads
  • Clamping method ensures a minimum of waste
  • Quick tool changes by means of a tool cassette
  • Standard Amada-style Thick Turret tooling
  • User-friendly Graphic Programming
  • High Quality with Low Cost
  • 36 / 50 Ton punching capacity

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