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New Equipment

Boschert / Notching machines

Boschert Vari IV Hydraulic Variable Angle Notcher

Affordable & Reliable Precision Notching

  • Fixed angle machines to 3/8" capacity
  • Variable angle machines to 1/4" capacity
  • Clean cuts guaranteed
  • Off-center cuts are not an issue
  • Extra long blade life is assured due to the unique design features in our TRI-GIDE system
  • Internal stop bar for shearing on most models
  • 5/32″ mild steel* capacity
  • 11 ga. stainless steel** capacity
  • 5.9″ x 5.9″ notch
  • All Angles from 30° to 120° without blade or clearance changes
  • Front to back cutting to hold material against stop
  • Milled bed surface for no float or stick operation
  • 39.4″ wide by 25.6″ deep table
  • Two 30° upper blades working directly with two correpondending lower blaes
  • Blades are automatically shifted by pneumatic power
  • Hi-Carbon, Hi-Chrome blades that overlap on the cutting edge to eliminate blade chipping

* mild steel designated as 50,000 psi
** Stainless designated as 75,000 psi

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