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New Equipment

Boschert / Notching machines

Boschert Silver Eagle Quick Hydraulic Power Notcher

With a 90° fixed angle. The Silver Eagle Quick Hydraulic Power Notcher offers the superior performance, clean cuts and high accuracy Boschert is known for. Enjoy front-to-back cutting to hold material against stop, 50 strokes per minute (adjustable), internal stop for shearing, and a milled bed surface for no-float or no-stick operation. Capacity is 1/4” mild steel capacity and 5/32” stainless steel capacity, with notch widths of 8-7/8” x 8 7/8” 90° notch. Additionally, the Silver Eagle Quick Hydraulic Power Notcher offers a second station for Coping, Punching or Notching.

Second Station for Coping, Punching or Notching

A quick-change system for the second station with the blades mounted in a cassette with the correct clearance preset. Cassettes for coping, punch tools and small notches are available.

  • Length of cut from 0.1 – 1.18″
  • 3/16″ capacity, mild steel*, 12 ga. Stainless**
  • Trumpf style punch and die, size I
  • Small notches, i.e. 30 degree

* mild steel designated as 50,000 psi
** Stainless designated as 75,000 psi


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